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Marty 2

By E. W. Choate Jr.

Missing Heroes
Even bigger adventure!


E. W. Choate Jr. 

Author of the Marty Series  

Says he is, "just somebody that likes to write." In actuality, he’s always been an adventurous spirit. Never one to play it safe, he’s jumped off where angels fear to tread, on more than one occasion.  

Fun Facts: E.W. Choate is licensed to drive everything from a motorcycle to big-rig trucks, and yes, even airplanes. He’s been married since 1991 and is a dad to three grown kids. He also has seven grandkids, including three princesses and four knights. 

These days, you’ll usually find him at his home atop a mountain, where he does most of his writing while sitting on his upper-level screened-in porch, within a forest. He enjoys taking in the views of surrounding mountaintops, a lake far below, and the interactions of all the animals that abound.  

"Believe in yourself. You can do much more than you think, or sometimes can even imagine."

-E. W. Choate Jr.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Because knowledge is limited, yet imagination encircles the world."

-Albert Einstein